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Frequently asked questions

How much does Gaia cost?

Gaia is for free, we finance ourselves through advertising.

What is companion planting?

Plants can benefit from each other through a number of different reasons. These could be pest controlm pollination, providing habitat for beneficial insects, ormaximizing use of space. Companion planting is a form of polyculture.

Gaia is in the wrong language?

Gaia is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Portuguese and Italian. The app automatically sets itself to the system language of the phone. If Gaia does not support that language, the secondary system language is used. The order of the preferred languages can be adjusted in the Settings under Settings -> General -> Language & Region. Set the language in which you want to use Gaia as the second preferred language using drag & drop or by adding it to the list.

How das Gaia support me?

Gaia helps you to plan your patch . In a first step, the user chooses the design of his individual patch. Gaia offers a selection of 80 different plants you can plant on your patch. The app includes companion planting: Choose the plant you want to plant and the app will offer you a possible position avoiding negative influences between the crops and prefering positions with positive influence like stimulation of plant growth or improved resistance.

Can I create multiple patches?

Yes, theres no maximum number of patches.

How do I plant a row?

You can switch to the row planting mode by clicking the left right arrow button in the top bar menu (↔) the grey plant preview will become the row starting point and by clicking another position on the patch, the row will extend to that point. You can change the row direction in the bottom bar menu with the button on the left side. Horizontal, vertical and free rows are possible

Why can I not create patches larger than 4m?

For bigger patch sizes the amount of data we have to load would slow down the app. However, you can create multiple small patches and cover the whole area in this way.

On which devices can I use Gaia?

At the moment Gaia is only available for IOS but we're working hard on the Android version and plan to release our first version in may 2021.